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Sabrina: Fall Of An Alliance (Book 1) Update 7/08/17

First Installment of the Sabrina Trilogy
Release Date: 7.7.2017

Whats up guys? The wait is over! Purchase your digital copy today via Amazon’s Kindle! I have plans for a giveaway coming up soon so stay tuned!I decided to do away with making it a Trilogy. Instead I will keep pumping out Sabrina books until I feel it’s right to end the story. My long term plan is to be able to invest the income I obtain from the sales and turn each book into a full length animated file that can be watch for free through a streaming service.

Be sure to check out the Bonus Chapter at the end (Which is also the Prologue to Book 2). It will leave you at the edge of your seat.


Book Synopsis


The members of the Alliance of Darkness are aliens from different galaxies with a common goal of unlocking a godlike power through the Elemental Stones. The members are named Draken, Havoc, Bruteshot, and Jungle. Draken is the leader of the Alliance. He originates from an extinct race of conquerors that felt only the powerful should exist in the Universe. They traveled to known worlds to exterminate weaker lifeforms. Bruteshot, Jungle and Havoc were recruited in order to help seek out the Stones which lie hidden on Earth. Throughout their 20-year search, they brought tyranny and destruction in the form of Hunters.

Sabrina ends up saving the lives of two men, named Robert and Jason, while searching for her mother (who was abducted during her childhood). The men are thoroughly impressed with her swordsman skillset. Shortly afterward, she learns Jason has gone missing. Jason isn’t equipped to survive in this harsh Hunter thriving world. Sabrina initially has no interest in helping until Robert reveals Jason’s hidden psychic powers. Once they locate him, they plan to use his powers to take on the Alliance of Darkness. Most men who have gone against the Alliance rarely survived the encounter. They set off on an incredible journey filled with new friendships, danger, and intense battle scenes. Sabrina and the others must team up with a military style organization called the E.S.D.R.A. She masters an incredible power courtesy of a hidden universal force known as the Elemental Arts. Together, they engage in action packed battles with each member of the Alliance. The final arc contains a shocking revelation along with a final battle that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

$7.99 Paperback Edition

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The Fall Of An Alliance Ultimate Experience
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