Sabrina: The Fall Of An Alliance

In a world without hope, one woman with an incredible sword fighting skillset is all that stands in the way of the annihilation of the human race.
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The Earth’s cities flourished with life as technology advanced to new heights. The human race evolved with the help of genetic engineering. The effects were different for everyone. Most became smarter; however, a select few gained super human strength and speed. Those few were referred to as a ‘Sups’ or ‘Super Human’.
In the year 2820, a four-member group named the Alliance of Darkness, put these Sups to the test. Upon their arrival, the Alliance of Darkness unleashed creatures known as Hunters onto Earth. The Hunters wreaked havoc until the entire planet was turned into a state of global apocalypse. Cities were destroyed. Armies were decimated. The War of the Millennium was fought… and lost.
The few remaining survivors went into hiding and learned to live in this new horrific reality. Twenty years have passed since that fateful day. A young Sup, called Sabrina, with extraordinary sword fighting skills emerges from the shadows to prove that you never under estimate the power of someone who has nothing to lose. Her job, no, her duty is to destroy the Alliance of Darkness once and for all.

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The story you have conveyed, so far, is intriguing and unique


This book is excellent! Your writing is on point! Your graphic novel is the bomb.


First off - I must say - the art work is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I simply adore it.
the story is great and the concept is most certainly marketable. you have such a strong concept.


You have a strong ending for the novel. That last battle with Draken onwards is strong and well written.




-Sabrina: The Dark Specter (Book 2) is in the works

-Sabrina Merchandise available for purchase



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About The Author: Willie James

Willie James Rainwater Jr has always been a creative mind at heart. His love of drawing came at an early age; he would create comic books from his bedroom. As he got older, he began to fall in love with writing music. Throughout college he spent endless hours in a recording studio mixing lyrics with sound. In his early 20’s, he revisited his drawing, but decided to add another element – writing. After completing a degree in Computer Engineering Technology, Willie James needed to express himself artistically, so he decided to finish the book he started so long ago. After years of tirelessly recrafting and pouring his every idea throughout the pages, he finally completed the project. Now he is ready to share his gift with the rest of the world.

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